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Jayne Morris

Fun Fact

Jayne holds a Black Belt in both Karate and Tae Kwon Do.

Jayne Morris

Co-Founder, Lead Coach & Coach Supervisor

Jayne is the UK’s leading burnout expert, author of 'Burnout to Brilliance' and co-founder of Balanceology.

Former resident life coach expert for NHS Online Health Sector, Jayne is passionate about implementing genuine, integrated and sustainable workplace wellbeing. She holds a PGcert in Personal and Professional Coaching in addition to an Advanced Diploma in Integrative Art Psychotherapy.

Since her practice began in London’s Harley Street in 2010, Jayne has helped hundreds of individuals recover from burnout and numerous organisations prevent absenteeism due to chronic stress.  She has lived and worked in Belgium, Germany, Japan, Spain and the UAE. At the age of 23 Jayne could speak the languages of two of these countries fluently, we’ll let you guess which!

Her passion for burnout recovery stems from her own experience of burning out, whilst working a marketing brand manager for a major UK media corporation. Following her successful recovery, Jayne retrained, so that she could use coaching and art psychotherapy tools to help others prevent and recover from burnout.

As an Associate Tutor for Barefoot Coaching Ltd, Jayne delivers the ICF accredited PG Cert Coach Training Programme to delegates from all over the world.

As a certified Coach Supervisor, she additionally provides Mentor Coaching and offers Coach Supervision. She is a huge advocate of the benefits that work-based coaching can bring and encourages organisations to adopt a coaching culture wherever possible.

Jayne has made numerous TV and radio appearances on BBC, Channel 4 and SKY and been featured in The Times, The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Independent, Psychologies Magazine, Cosmopolitan and many more.

She has helped multiple organisations prevent burnout absenteeism. She also supports businesses looking to transition from their existing hierarchal management structure to more sociocratic system using the adoption of models such as Holacracy, Teal and Sociocracy.

As a nature and animal lover, Jayne now lives by the coast near Bristol and enjoys being outside as much as possible. She loves laughing - lots! Her favourite weekend activities include creative projects with her two daughters, swimming in the sea and muddy walks with the family dog, Blade.

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