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How We Prevent Workplace Burnout 

Wellbeing Workshops

Whole team sessions


Popular topics include burnout, productivity, stress management, anxiety and sustainable remote/hybrid working


One-off or monthly as part of a wellness programme


Remote or in-person

1-2-1 Coaching

Leadership coaching sessions

Designed to prevent burnout, support those making large-scale cultural change and help transitions back to work post-burnout

3 month packages consisting of 10 x weekly sessions



Remote or in-person

Organisational Change


Whole team + leadership sessions


Re-align your team with a shared vision, purpose and values


Dissolve toxic / burnout culture. Re-energise and re-engage team members. Increase productivity

6 month programme consisting of 10 x full team days, report writing, leadership coaching and consultancy


Remote or in-person

How We Bring Back Your Employees From
Long Term Stress Leave 

Our Unique
Burnout to Balance Programme

Senior leadership training


Designed to bring your key staff back following longterm stress/ burnout leave


3 day intensive initial training programme followed by 3-6 month re-integration coaching support


Remote or in-person

Want to learn more about burnout / workplace wellbeing?
We'd love to hear from you 

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