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How We Prevent Workplace Burnout 

Talks & Workshops

We are experienced with and cater to audiences of all sizes


Popular topics include: burnout, productivity, stress and anxiety management, sustainable remote/hybrid working


One-off, monthly or quarterly, as part of a wellbeing programme


Remote / Hybrid / In-person

1:1 Coaching

Leadership coaching sessions delivered by a Balanceology Certified Burnout Coach.

Designed to prevent burnout, support those making large-scale cultural change and help transitions back to work post-burnout

3 month packages consisting of 10 x weekly sessions


Remote / Hybrid/ In-person

Organisational Change


Whole team + leadership sessions


Re-align your team with a shared vision, purpose and values


Dissolve toxic / burnout culture. Re-energise and re-engage team members. Increase productivity

6 month programme consisting of 10 x full team days, report writing, leadership coaching and consultancy


Remote / Hybrid / In-person

How We Support Post-Burnout Transitions Back to Work

Bespoke Programmes

Senior leadership training


Designed to bring your key staff back following longterm stress/ burnout leave


3 day intensive initial training programme followed by 3-6 month re-integration coaching support


Remote / Hybrid / In-person

Want to prevent or reduce absenteeism, presenteeism and leavism due to burnout? 

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