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What's behind the Great Resignation?

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

On the first Monday of February this year, calling in sick hit an annual high. It's been estimated that over 375000 British workers called in sick on that day alone, whether that’s down to an actual experience of ill-health or something else. It's coined #NationalSickieDay and happens every year.

Have you experienced high absenteeism in your organisation or team – beyond the odd sickie?

We have been noticing a trend since the Covid-19 Pandemic that ties in with what has been called #TheGreatResignation – For many people an occasional sickie hasn’t been enough to help them recover from the exhaustion that they experienced as a result of struggling to sustain overwhelming additional demands, workload or worry brought on by living with uncertainty during the pandemic. As a result #absenteeism#presenteism and #leavism have all been on the increase, all of which carry high costs.

In the majority of cases those leaving their roles have had an extended period of sick leave or a sabbatical before doing so, due to #burnout, though studies show that others have re-evaluated their roles in relation to work-life balance and left to take a break (with many retiring early) or to pursue a different career direction.

What can organisations do to improve staff retention?

  1. Begin by considering your corporate culture.

  2. What are the underlying values of your organisation?

  3. Are these aligned with those who work in your organisation?

  4. What does the way you treat your staff really communicate to them?

Coaching can change your work-culture considerably. Organisations investing in coaching experience an

average of:

- 10 x Increase in Employee Engagement

- 52% Reduction in Burnout

- 25% Increase in Performance

- 140% Increase in Resilience

- 77% Increase in Empowerment

If you would like to talk about how you can improve your organisational culture, develop leaders and reduce the likelihood of absenteeism, we'd be happy to explore how we could help -


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