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Is mental health stigma hidden in your workplace?

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

Stigma still hangs around mental health in some workplaces, meaning that many people suffer in silence or don't speak up until they're exhausted or have experienced burnout. Internal and external factors can contribute to how we feel emotionally, socially and psychologically.

According to research commissioned by @LumApps, 88% of the UK workforce experienced burnout in the last two years.

So what can we do?

Making space for conversations about mental health in the workplace is important and we are pleased to support @mind #timetotalk initiative in spreading the word.

We help organisations reduce the risk of burnout and shift towards a more coaching culture, by providing engaging workshops and coaching. We support those in leadership positions with the opportunity to think about how they show up and give them tools to make actionable change.

We can all better support each other and play our part in creating positive work-cultures, by looking out for signs of struggle in ourselves and colleagues:

- feeling 'tired but wired'

- loss of joy in the simple things

- difficulty finding solutions or making decisions

- lack of creativity

- declining self-care

Top tips when you spot struggle:

- reaching out and offering connection (a cup of tea or walk at lunch)

- speak to your mental health first aiders at work

- get outside in nature

- join some form of community group (people need people)

- prioritise sleep

Please share your thoughts on what works for you and has worked in your workplace below:


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