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Dylan Cox

Fun Fact

Despite holding blue belts in Judo and Brazilian jiu-jitsu, he has no immediate ambitions to reach a higher rank in either discipline despite an ongoing family dispute about which martial art is the most effective.

Dylan Cox

Co-Founder, Trainer, Facilitator and Coach-Counsellor

Dylan believes strongly in identifying the root cause of problems in order to move beyond them. He has trained in both coaching and counselling, combining tools from multiple disciplines to create a powerful thinking space that can be the catalyst for transformational change. He takes an empathetic approach to both individuals and organisations dealing with burnout prevention and recovery.

With significant experience in capacity building organisations in the sports sector, working in the fields of sport development, coaching and events Dylan has also worked internationally as a mentor/trainer in the UK, Belgium, UAE and Switzerland.

Dylan is an accomplished presenter and leads on our workshop development, as well as enjoying delivery. He is the producer and co-host of our weekly podcast The Art of Balance. You can also catch him co-presenting our exclusive online video series for Psychologies Magazine's Life Labs.

Whilst working in sport, Dylan experienced first-hand the powerful impact that good coaching and mentoring can make. He brings knowledge and understanding working in private and public sector settings, to help businesses analyse their existing wellbeing offerings, personalise and tailor them to more specifically meet the needs of their staff.

During 2022, Dylan began working on Youth Development projects in the Bristol area and established Balanceology Youth - our latest offering of workshops and sessions for schools and colleges.  He finds working with young people hugely fulfilling, especially when students laugh at his terrible Dad jokes.

A massive boxing fan, Dylan has travelled all over the world to watch the biggest fights. He was fortunate enough to hold various roles in the sport including working as a manager in the boxing competition team at the London 2012 Olympics. He also co-hosted a weekly boxing show on Dubai Eye radio station when living in the UAE.

Dylan enjoys baking with his daughters, running, cycling, and long walks with his best buddy, our four-legged friend, Blade.

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