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Staff burning out?

Longterm absenteeism on the rise?

Want to re-engage key leaders?

"Jayne was great, she delivered two sessions to both our Head Office and Retail Store Managers about burnout, which were so well received.
The tips and guidance Jayne provided for our teams were really useful and easy to put into practice."

Jeannie Eden, Head of People

Offering workplace burnout prevention and recovery services

Coaching has been shown to reduce burnout in organisations by an average of 52%
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Founded by Jayne Morris ICF PCC MNICP, author of Burnout to Brilliance, we are a team of executive coaches with a specialism in burnout prevention and recovery. 

Our approach is creative, engaging and inspiring.


We launched Balanceology in response to the rising number of businesses experiencing the effects of burnout.


The impact of the current burnout epidemic is far reaching, with many valuable employees off on long term stress leave, or struggling to meet the demands of their job.


We combine our skills and expertise to bring you the support you need, when you need it.


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We take a systemic approach
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Real Burnout Solutions

Helping your teams to flourish

Expert support from specialist coaches offering a range of services:

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Lack of support or recognition is
the leading reason for employee burnout

Deloitte Burnout Survey 2021

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Burnout - A Workplace Epidemic



Last year, six in ten UK managers experienced burnout at work with a fifth considering quitting their job as a result.  

Burnout levels have been exacerbated by the ongoing impact of COVID-19 pandemic. 

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64% of people have experienced burnout during their career

41% of workers said that burnout has happened in just the past

few months.  Employers globally are experiencing the far-reaching

damaging impact that burnout can have on business sustainability.


Burnout has the biggest direct affect on unplanned absences and

employee turnover. 


Our workshops, consulting and coaching programmes are

specifically designed to develop deeper awareness and greater understanding of burnout.  

All our services are carefully tailored to meet the specific needs of your organisation and cultivate a more caring

and robust culture.

Whether you would like a self-standing workshop to help

start a conversation in your workplace, are in the process

of cultural transformation and need consultancy, or have been signed off work and want support to transition back to work, we have several powerful offerings.

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Our signature programme is a bespoke 3 day Burnout to Balance training that can be accessed online or attended in person, which has helped hundreds of people resolve the burnout root cause, re-energise and re-design their lives. 


We are experts in burnout prevention and recovery solutions. We offer corporate wellbeing workshops, coaching, culture change consultancy and training.

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