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Melanie Humphreys

Fun Fact

As the only member of her household without dyslexia, Melanie is somewhat conflicted about her campaign to highlight the benefits of SEN and neurodiversity, now she's considered disadvantaged to not be on their 'team'!

Melanie Humphreys

Marketing Support

Melanie has specialised in marketing support & consultancy to small businesses in the wellbeing and luxury sectors for over 20 years.

Graduating in International Business with Technology, Melanie went on to work in the City, helping to launch the Internet & websites, before going on to train traders to use systems. She then diversified into small business operations and marketing management, working in Mayfair, Harley Street and remotely (before it was the norm!), assisting companies, their leaders and teams to perform at an optimum level and confidently communicate about their services.

Melanie has long held an interest in human behaviour, psychology and wellness, hence her work in the field and personal time spent exploring it. She loves to swim (cold or warm water!), walk and enjoy time with her 11 year old and husband.

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