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Toxic Culture Vs Coaching Culture

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

What is the climate like in your workplace/business? Is there a coaching-culture or a toxic one?

Where the climate is toxic, typically there are high levels of burnout and turnover. It will feel:

· Disrespectful

· Non-inclusive

· Unethical

· Cutthroat

· Abusive

Where a coaching approach has instead been adopted and become the 'way things are done', there is open communication, trust, care, respect, inclusion, vulnerability, empathy, collaboration, accountability and mutual support. Everyone plays to their strengths.

A coaching-culture is polar opposite to a toxic culture.

In a coaching-culture we feel resourced, not just mentally, but physically and emotionally too. Unsurprisingly, we also work better – more collaboratively, efficiently, joyfully and therefore productively.

The climate we experience at work is such an important driver of performance that it can account for as much as 30% of the difference between a team maintaining minimum expectations and operating at full potential.

Bringing in a coaching-culture reduces stress, which correspondingly reduces absenteeism, whilst increasing engagement and improving your business’ bottom line.

Curious about how to shift your organisation towards a coaching-culture? Talk to us! We would be delighted to provide consultancy.


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