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Certified Burnout Coach CPD Course

An advanced NQual endorsed training for qualified coaches, counsellors and psychotherapists


7th October 2024 - 7th February 2025

32 CCEUs

NQual endorsed training

This programme is designed to equip you with the knowledge, understanding and tools to competently coach clients around the topic of burnout in an empathetic, supportive and ethical way.

Burnout has reached unprecedented levels. Recent studies indicate that close to 50% of all workers in the UK, USA and Europe are on the brink of burnout and, for C-suite executives, the figure is a staggering 70%. Inevitably this means that burnout is finding its way into the coaching space.

As yet few coach training programmes cover burnout as part of core content. This means that the many coaches feel unequipped to work confidently with their clients in relation to exploring burnout prevention and recovery.

There are three modules in total offering a total of 55 learning hours.


The course consists of:

  • 12 x Experiential Learning Sessions

  • 12 x Recorded Tutorials

  • 3 x Q&A Sessions

  • 3 x Small Pod Supervision Sessions

Upon successful completion of the programme you will qualify as a Balanceology Certified Burnout Coach and receive the opportunity to apply to become an Associate Coach with Balanceology to receive client referrals.

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The Balanceology Burnout Coach CPD Programme has been put together by the UK’s leading Executive Burnout Coach, Jayne Morris ICF MCC. Jayne is the author of Burnout to Brilliance: Strategies for Sustainable Success.


About Supervision

Our intention in offering supervision as part of this course is to deepen the integration of your learning by providing a safe space for you to reflect on your own practice.


If you are an executive coach, HR professional or leader as coach and you are encountering burnout presenting either in your private practice, internal work or external offerings, then it is imperative that you:


Equip yourself with sufficient knowledge, understanding and recognition of the complex contributing factors that can culminate in the experience of burnout.


Know how to signpost when your client brings mental or physical health issues into the coaching space that are beyond your capabilities and /or the professional boundaries of your ethical code of conduct as a coach


Have a formal and protected space to continuously develop and deepen your competencies as a coach


Critically self-reflect and have the opportunity to have your thinking challenged in a caring, compassionate and considered way


Understand the importance of self-sourcing and identify how to do this for yourself in a practical sense

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Each module of the course runs for four consecutive weeks, then has a break for content integration into your coaching practice. The end of module Q&A sessions and 1:1 supervision sessions take place during the gap in between modules.


During the programme you are required to keep a learning journal that forms part of your supervision.

Understanding Burnout

Week 1
Introduction to the Programme & History of Burnout


Week 2

Signs, Symptoms and How to Identify Burnout When Your Client Doesn’t


Week 3

Shifting Shame. Operating Ethically, Professional Boundaries, Do’s and Don’ts


Week 4

Supporting Your Clients in Surfacing Underlying Scripts using TA Theory, Importance of Finding and Understanding Burnout Root Cause

End of Module Q&A Session



Week 1
Working Somatically as a Coach to Support Energetic Recovery

Week 2

How to Introduce Work around Boundaries & Saying ‘No’

Week 3

Tools to Support Your Client in Reconnecting with Inner Power

Week 4

The Importance of Identifying and Overcoming Limiting Beliefs


End of Module Q&A Session



Week 1

Use of Creative Coaching Tools to Support the Shaping of a New Script

Week 2

Ways to Support Your Client in Mapping Their Future

Week 3

The Importance of Identifying Incremental Changes as Catalyst for Seismic Shifts


Week 4

How to Co-Create Strategies for Success with Your Clients

End of Module Q&A Session



It is an ethical responsibility on our part as coaches, to find an effective way to reflect on our practice - a small closed group of coaches is often a powerful approach to being the best version of ourselves for clients, to reflect on our clients & ensure we have restored & resourced ourselves. Anyone considering working with Jayne in this way will experience the true power of the supervisory space,

Diane Hanna

Supervision sessions with Jayne are powerful and help to propel me forwards. They include a mixture of different tools and help me overcome any challenges I am facing. I leave feeling re-energised, re-resourced and with a stronger sense that “I can do this!”. I certainly recommend to coaches wanting improved clarity, deeper trust in themselves and a greater degree of balance.

Graham Wright

Working with Jayne is nourishing, fulfilling and a genuine pleasure. I felt endlessly surprised; to be gifted the chance of working together on such gnarly subjects, to remind myself that there are answers - or at least better questions - already in my body if not my awareness, and to be able to share fascinated enthusiasm for such compelling work. Jayne is so incredibly generous with her knowledge and experience, and I feel rejuvenated and inspired after every session - no matter how apprehensive or uncertain I had felt showing up.

Roz Coleman

It is important to me to feel supported and have coaching supervision to talk through any coaching challenges or concerns. I come away from sessions with Jayne feeling motivated and more confident in my abilities. I would recommend her to any coach wanting to take a more holistic/somatic approach.

Ieva Eksts

Comments from Our Recent Cohort

The whole module totally exceeded my expectations.

The Burnout Timeline and the Burnout Cycle really highlighted new things about my own burnout story, I find both very valuable.

This course has been enlightening!

The background, context and stats around burnout were great, but overall the in-depth information on the breadth of burnout signs and symptoms was fantastically useful.

Amazing balance of content and insight from coaches personal experiences which makes it so very credible.

Loved the "internal physis" concept - so empowering.

The whole thing was so informative but I particularly loved the introduction of creative tools, as I learnt so much from these and am already starting to introduce them into my practice!

Spot on! Nothing else to say really on this.

Burnout Coach CPD Course Autumn 2024


The complete programme includes:

12 x In-Person Interactive Remote Learning Sessions

12 x Recorded Tutorials

3 x Q&A Sessions

3 x Small Pod Supervision Sessions

Permission to refer to yourself as a ‘Balanceology Certified Burnout Coach’ & use certification logo on website/digital & print promotions

NQual and ICF endorsed Certificate in Burnout Coaching

32 ICF CCEUs (pending)

Opportunity to submit Associate Coach application for Balanceology client referrals upon successful completion of the programme

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(Supervision sessions are booked separately at a later date and are included in the cost)

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